FE Technologies Management Console

FE Technologies Management Console

FE Technologies

Management Console

The Management Console is the software used to install and configure the FE Technologies Library RFID system. The Management Console can be installed on any PC in the library and can be used by appropriate personnel as an administration and reporting tool.

The Dashboard screen displays the status of each piece of RFID equipment on the network, and can be viewed in groups (such as section groups or branch groups), or individually. Each piece of equipment has its own icon with a coloured background tile that will alert when a unit is offline, low on receipts, not running, etc.

The Management Console has a huge range of configuration options that allow libraries to alter the look and feel of the GUI, alter workflow details, alter error messages and patron messages, change language translations, setup encoding parameters and many more options. Many reports can be produced via the Management console, covering patron borrowing trends and transaction reports, returns statistics, people counter traffic patterns and many more.