FE Technologies Security Gates

FE Technologies Security Gates

FE Technologies

Security Gates

Effective security of items is essential when a library implements a self-loan strategy. The FE Technologies Security Gates have a 3-dimensional read range. This means that tags can be identified in any orientation, providing a very high detection rate, along with the ability to detect multiple items at a time, regardless of how many people are passing through at one time.

The FE Technologies gate alarm is provided in three different ways to provide both a deterrent as well as automated customer service:

  • Visual flashing light
  • Beeper alarm
  • Recorded instruction message
  • Library staff can identify what items have caused an alarm
  • The gates come with bi-directional people counters that record library patrons’ movement both in and out the library

Available in HF and UHF as well as in clear acrylic (Designer Clear Security Gates).