Circulation system

The Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop is a beautiful designed product for libraries to increase efficiency, productivity and service to the public. Due to the unique technical mechanism, the choice of durable and weatherproof materials, the optimal protection against vandalism and the simple, easy to use user-interface, the unit can be placed inside or outside the library.

The Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop allows return of items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case the bookdrop will be offline in the network, service will continue and the returns will be buffered in the memory. After getting back online, the unit will automatically synchronize with the Library Management System (LMS) server and register the returns.

The Sapphire™ 24/7 Bookdrop software is web-based, which allows remote monitoring, diagnostics and servicing from any location. Staff can troubleshoot and get systems statistics while the system integrator can upgrade software, maintain and service the product.

The lighted icon indicators will intuitively guide the user through the return process.

  • Step 1: Scan the book after which the return shute will open
  • Step 2: Throw in the book after which the shute will automatically close
  • Step 3: The book will be accepted for return and automatically registered in the LMS.
  • Step 4: The Bookdrop will return to the default position to accept a new item.



  • 3D unique vandalism proof returning station
  • intuitive returning process for easy use
  • flexible, modular concept in timeless design
  • SIP 2 compatible
  • allows 24/7 returning of materials