Odor Control Solutions

Janitorial Products

Walex introduced a system specifically to control odor problems that eliminated the source of the odor, keep the air fresh and to make sure that there is no more odor for long lasting fragrance. All products by Walex are bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

  • Exodor Walex Ultimate Deodorizer is developed to eliminate the source of the odor. Buy here.
  • Walex Bravo Urinal Screens offer powerful dedorizing performance with strong fragrance release and lasts longer than standard products. Buy here.
  • Walex Ovation Air Freshener contains powerful odor control technology and refreshing capabilities that last 30+ days. You can pin it, hang it or place it anywhere. Buy here
  • Walex Assure Odor Neutralizer & Fragrance Enhancer eliminates odors in (portable) restrooms, trailers, trucks, trash areas; spray Assure anywhere there’s odor. Buy here.


For more information email us directly at walex@imcl.co.th.