About Us

Early Days

Industrial Marketing Company Ltd. (IMCL) is a private, medium-sized trading company that was established in 1983 as an importer of good quality hand tools and power-tool accessories from Australia. After developing this business well in Thailand over the first 10 years, IMCL acquired several additional quality distributorships for products in similar fields (e.g. from Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the USA). IMCL expanded its portfolio to include EAS (Electronic Articles Surveillance) systems from the Netherlands and Sweden as well as Library Systems from Australia.

Hardware Division

Our Hardware division consists of good quality hand tools and powertool accessories. IMCL markets these products to resellers in both the traditional and modern trade hardware stores throughout Thailand. The hand tools section includes top quality levels, lasers, and measuring tools from Kapro (Israel); oSa-certified bonded and coated abrasives from Rhodius (Germany) and Comet (Slovenia); HSS drill bits from Sutton Tools (Australia); SDS-Plus and straight shank masonry drills from Rex (the Netherlands); an assortment of drills and chisels from Diager (France); HSS and titanium drill bits and circular saw blades from Starcraft (China); a broad range of powertool accessories from Vermont American (USA); engineers files from Vallorbe (Switzerland); Klinger tape (plumbing, gas, oxygen from Australia); grinding wheels from Toyo (Tyrolit Olympus Co. Ltd., Thailand); and industrial glue sticks (Supacut).

EAS, Libraries & Specialty Solutions

The EAS division concerns with anti-theft security systems and solutions. The key brands are Dialoc ID from the Netherlands, Gateway from Gunnebo Sweden and HF/UHF solutions by FE Technologies from Australia. IMCL supplies EM (Electromagnetic), AM (Acoustic Magnetic), RF (Radio Frequency), and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies in both HF and UHF ranges.

Our specialty range includes Walex Exodor from the United States, a quality solution for odor control in various types of locations and IdeaCity UV solutions from South Korea for UV disinfecting solutions in large volume areas such as airports and shopping malls.