888 Prolaser® Vector with Tripod


3 Beam Self-Leveling Laser

The 888 Prolaser® Vector is a three-beam laser level specifically designed for indoor leveling and layout jobs where you need to align vertical and horizontal surfaces at 90°.


The 888 projects one horizontal and two vertical lines, is self-leveling up to ±3º with an audible ″out of level″ warning and is accurate up to 0.0003″/″ (0.3mm/m). It has a working range of up to 100′ (30m).


The laser unit is protected by rugged impact absorbing ″work-site armor″ to keep it safe in the tough conditions of the work site and features an integrated lock mechanism for added protection during transport. The 888 is ideal for hanging acoustic ceilings, drywall, and interior decorating and for layout alignment of windows and doors.


Tripod ready.

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  • Two vertical and one horizontal beams.
  • Self-Leveling range of ±3°.
  • Audible “out-of-level” warning.
  • Integrated locking mechanism.
  • Rugged impact absorbing “work-site-armor”.
  • Carrying case and wall mount included.
  • Tripod ready.
  • Accuracy: 0.0003″/” (0.3mm/m).
  • Laser Range: up to 100′ (30m).



  • Accuracy: <0.0003”/” (0.3mm/m)
  • Laser range: up to 65′ (20m)
  • Laser class: II
  • Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
  • Conforms to CE, RoHS, FDA safety regulations