899 Prolaser® Electronic Rota-Line



The 899 Prolaser® Electronic Rota-Line is built with advanced electronic laser technology and designed for both indoor and outdoor leveling. The 899 projects a laser dot which rotates at high speed to generate a bright and clear 360° line that can be projected horizontally or vertically.


It is electronically self-leveling up to ±5° in both the X and Y planes, has a manual leveling option for setting slopes and an automatic shut down function when out of level. It boasts an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.0001″/″ (0.1mm/m) and an indoor range of up to 165′ (50m) and outdoor range of up to 500′ (150m) with the laser detector.


The laser has 5 adjustable rotation speeds and 6 scan modes to create visible laser lines. The laser detector has both visual and audible signals and can be easily mounted using the detector clamp (included).


The 899 comes in a durable, rainproof casing to protect it in the tough outdoor worksite conditions.

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  • Horizontal or vertical 360° rotating beam.
  • Electronic self-leveling range of ±5° in both X and Y planes.
  • Manual leveling for marking slopes of up to ±5° in both X and Y planes.
  • Five variable speeds (0 – 600 rpm).
  • Six scan modes create visible laser line.
  • Plumb Down and Plumb Up points.
  • “Out of range” indicator.
  • Rainproof casing.
  • Freestanding or fits onto standard tripod (5/8″ thread).
  • Includes: Shockproof case, laser detector and remote control, battery charger, Beamfinder glasses.



  • Laying foundations
  • Wall, fence and deck construction
  • Laying water and sewerage lines
  • Indoor layout: installing drywall, partitions, acoustic ceilings



  • Accuracy: 0.0001″/” (0.1mm/m).
  • Laser range up to:
    • 165′ (50m) indoors.
    • 800′ (250m) outdoors with detector.
  • Laser class: II.
  • Batteries (not included): Laser Level: DC4.8-6V Ni-MH Rechargeable; Detector: 9V; Remote control: 2AAA.
  • Conforms to CE, RoHS, and FDA safety regulations.