309 LEDGEND™ Square


Kapro has developed a simple way to make everyday carpentry jobs easier. The 309 Ledgend has a unique, ergonomic handle with a support ledge that holds the work surface, so it stays square – hands-free – when you need to mark or reach for other tools.


A pencil-notch on the support ledge is designed as a reference point. And the hardened, tempered stainless-steel ruler is chemically etched with all the angles you'll ever need. Just mark two points and draw a line.

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  • Unique support ledge.
  • High-impact polymer handle.
  • Permanently etched stainless steel blade.
  • 22.5°, 45° , 67.5° and 90° angles for beveling and framing.
  • Inch/cm gradations or cm/cm.
  • Certified 90°.
  • Marking point.
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