935 OPTIVISION™ Red Torpedo


Kapro 935-10 10″ Magnetic Cast Torpedo Level with Optivision and Angle Finder Red


OPTIVISION creates the effect of strong color definition around the spirit level’s horizontal bubble in stark contrast to the white vial background and clear liquid. The color contrast makes the bubble edges significantly easier to see for fast and accurate placement between the vial’s reading lines. This cast level provides the professional masonry contractor and tiller the perfect tool for every job.

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  • OPTIVISION™ Red horizontal vial creates highly visible red bubble edges, for exact reading and optimal vision in bright & low light
  • Tilted horizontal vial with epoxy locking for direct line of sight viewing
  • Vial Gradient Lines for measuring slopes up to 2% grade
  • 3 Unbreakable Acrylic Shockproof Vials
  • Accuracy: <0.0005”/” (0.5mm/m)
  • Angle Finder with gradient markings to easily find the degree of any slope
  • Rare-Earth Magnets for the strongest grip to any metal surface
  • Fine Milled Surface with V-groove for accurate and easy placement on pipes and curved surfaces
  • Advanced Impact Resistance end caps to protect the level’s integrity.
  • Proven Durability – Drop tested from up to 2 meters