985D-L Digiman®


Professional Magnetic Digital Level with Laser Pointer

The 985 Digiman® Digital Level is ideal for quickly measuring any degree/percentage/pitch throughout a 360° radius with exceptional accuracy. The level’s readout stays upright even when the level is flipped 180° upside down.


The Digiman®’s display is easy to read and features an LCD backlight with memory recall technology for setting and transferring measurements. The level’s profile also features two vials – horiztonal and vertical – with the patented Plumb Site® Dual View™ on the vertical vial. The level is equipped with a easy-grip handle and shock resistant end-caps.

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  • Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial, solid acrylic vials, Ergo Grip™ handles, shockproof end caps.
  • 450 tilted LCD display with backlight.
  • 180º readout – display remains straight when the level is upside-down.
  • Digital accuracy: 0.1º at level and plumb, 0.2º other angles.
  • HOLD function.
  • MODE function: Degree/percentage/pitch.
  • Laser Pointer – align the level’s slope with a distant point – up to 165′ (50m).
  • Memory recall – 9 measurements.
  • Buzzer at 0º, 45º and 90º.
  • Recalibration function and “False Zero”.
  • Rainproof & dust resistant.
  • 9V battery + battery indicator.
  • Large silicon buttons which are easy to use while wearing gloves.
  • Two finely milled surfaces with rare earth magnets.
  • ¼” thread on the level’s base for easy mounting to a tripod.