SwatyComet Stainless Steel Cut Off Wheels


They are manufactured from special selected abrasive grains and bonding system which yields convincing, extraordinary results: quick and precise cutting results in optimum handling. These wheels last longer and are easier to work with, since narrow cuts mean that only minimum pressure is needed for cutting. They are improved to achieve better cutting capabilities without overheating of the workpiece, along with even shorter cutting times and generating of less waste. All this yields significant savings in terms of time and labour costs.


Price is per piece, 50 pieces / pack

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APPLICATION: Cutting of sheet metal

  • Peripheral speed: 80 m/s.
  • Suitable for use on angle grinders.
  • Manufactured without the addition of Fe, S or Cl fillers.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the EN 12413 and OSA standards.



  • 15-20% improvement over former quality
  • Extremely high cutting capabilities
  • Excellent tool life
  • Best efficiency